Saturday, April 16, 2011

From A Different Place

Alright, so first things first I want to say sorry for the massive lull in posting and updating here. I (Anahita) just moved to university in New Zealand and have taken my fair share of time to get both internet connection and used to the varied perspective of living so far from anything that is familiar to me. Both of us that run this blog have decided that it is going to be very narrow to post just interviews or post common posts due to the difference in what we are doing and have come up with the massively brilliant (in our opinion) idea that we are going to write a post each to keep both each other up to date and every that reads this space. Hence, a more journal style two sided blog takes form from now on.

Hello, what have have you been pursuing in the last 12 hours since I spoke to you? Just so this post isn't entirely personal and boring for outside readers I'm going to thoroughly describe everything here.
Picture a city with a ever bursting skyline, people forming pockets and shapes through their presence; saturated, thick clouds of smoke and awakening of an economy that promises so much in the future. A place for everyone, for all their differences and everything that binds them into one big community full of vibrant, rich colors for the world to see is how New Delhi showed itself to me. Moving here, though not entirely beautiful or bad proved to be exceedingly different in its ways.
This country full of its Polynesian tradition is conspicuously nothing like what I was comparing it to (England), it is green everywhere. Thick branches gaze at thoughts, light mist clouding everything I have previously known, clothing takes its shape in comfort and largeness on people so carefully sculpted through exercise. Populations diminish quality for quantity, accents as thick as the smog, fish and chips being stable parts of diets and flip-flops becoming jandals. Where am I? It sounds almost alien in all its innocence, its economic youth, their Government seems almost naive in attempting to keep anything slightly controversial out of their reach, their knowing sphere. It's utopian here.

Above are some pictures I took of my friend Jesse who has the most exotic, intense look about her and her boyfriend Kawiti who is an insanely talented opera singer. They have been this in love for almost three years now and everything about them is so powerful and enviable. Together they compliment everything in the world that requires attention and make the most beautiful unity.
Have a look and tell me what you think. I'm hoping to hear from you soon Ree. Love, me. X