Wednesday, October 27, 2010

God gave birth in my mouth.

So, the two of us are on gap years (which explains the abundant time). And gap years are incomplete without traveling and since we couldn't travel to some fancyland far away due to blah blah reasons we had to settle for Pune (which turned out to be the city of gold). Pune is a small-ish big-ish town which is the Indian equivalent of Boston and Oxford (though it isn't as brilliant) because it is a university town.

To say the trip was eventful would be an understatement. from finding the love of our lives (restaurant wise) to singing Hey Jude and Mamma Mia in front of 100 people, this weekend was beyond epic. Details in the next post.
This one, though, is dedicated to Terttulia.
Well basically, it is just one of those restaurants that was like finding hot underwear in a grandmother's cupboard, unexpected and rather out of place except Terttulia was more pleasant. Sorry, that was a fail analogy.
It was like this little cloud that carried us up further and further towards the gates of heaven's kitchen.
We started with an iced-tea and dude zomgidofbajg jizz. It had cinnamon. CINNAMON.

Title: that pop.

It was shades of coffee and cream, dimly lit with simple and comfortable seating. There were these shelves full of luscious, full freshly baked breads and this freezer full of delish desserts. And there was this wall of wine, it just seemed expensive. It was so fucking brilliant, we ate all of our meals there for three days straight.


It was a burst of impeccability.

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