Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Our last interviewee is Janine S- a relatively new fashion blogger off lookbook. Her style is fun yet sharp; she pairs an average pair of shorts with a well fitted blazer and such. Even though she doesn't have much up yet she has potential and so we interviewed her. Here is a link to her lookbook profile and her blog Let us know what you think?

Tell us a bit about yourself. 
I'm an 18 year old girl living in Switzerland. Currently, I am a trainee at the domain of Webdesign. 
I started blogging this August. I am passionate about photography and fashion.

Tell us a bit about your style.
I love mixing basic things with something eye-catching like special shoes or an intense color. If i wear an elegant piece of clothing I try to keep the rest basic maybe a bit oversized.  It's important to me not to look like everyone else on the street so 2nd hand pieces are a good addition.

Your fashion pet peeve. 
What I dont like are those logo bags and clothes that say: look at me I'm rich (or try to be)
Your favorite look on lookbook.
Oh that's hard. Everyone on Lookbook has something special. There are thousands of good looks and new ones are being uploaded every minute.

Your favorite shops/ designers.
My favorites are Topshop, H&M, American Apparel, ZARA, thrift shops

Your fashion idols, and why?
I've never had only one fasion idol. I'm inspired by the people around me everyday . Fashion Magazines have never really been a big inspiration to me. So I'm happy that there are so many good blogs to read. And last but not least.. music!

Your favorite era of fashion, and why?
If I could choose I'd love to live in the 19th century in England. The dresses and the furniture were amazing and so elegant! But I do also loooove the 20's when everything was so glamorous. When men were supposed to be gentlemen and ladies gave their very best to look good . The 50's and 60's are another era i really love. Not only the clothes, but rather the lifestyle and the music. They had to live without technology- that's so great!
Do you take your own pictures? If yes, tell us a bit about your photography. (what camera you use, when you like shooting, what you prefer to shoot)
No I don't take them by myself. I have some friends who take them. I use a Canon G13.  

Your favorite artists/ music/ books.
Book: Catcher in the Rye, The Great Gatsby, Pride and Prejudice.  Movie: Breakfast at Tiffanys, Amelie 

Your favorite piece of clothing and why?
A dark blue Zara blazer. It gives an elegant touch to every outfit. And my high waist zara jeans, they are so 80's :)

What are your must haves this season? 
This season I'm addicted to everything camel. And i really love those ankle boots with laces.  A jacquard sweater it at the top of my shopping list!

If you could have one person's wardrobe who's would it be? And why?
Oh I think that would be a mix of person from Paris, London and New York :)  chic, trashy and elegant!

One thing you cannot live without. 
I think the answer should be the people I love but since they are not things, it's defenitely my camera.

Tell us a bit about the city you live in. And does it inspire you?
I live in a small city near Zurich. It's not a very fashionable town and it definitely does not inspire me. If i wear for example high heels everyone looks at me funny, that's so annoying. That would never happen to me in a big city. So in the future I want to live in Zurich.

One thing that you're saving up for.
One thing I cant do is save up for something. If i see something expensive I'll buy it if I have the money. Otherwise I'll forget it ;) But that would be a LEICA analog camera.