Sunday, December 5, 2010


Honestly, it was one big wisp of luck thrown our direction when Tegan and Sara decided to come perform at Hard Rock Café in our city. Seriously, no one ever comes and plays here and when they do, it is people who make their concerts nothing more than a music video full of unwanted (by us), semi-nude trashcans for girls and music that has more sound enhancing and marketing strategists than actual talent- the likes of Akon for example.
So finally, someone that was actually worth having a fight with your parents over for permission was going to be within breathing distance of us and we weren’t planning on missing it even if our immaculately conceived first borns decided to make their way into the world by some twist of fate that night.
A good four hours in advance to our leaving- we washed, bathed, brushed, changed, plucked, shaved, packed, and turned on our swag (not really, but it is worth saying to add some drama to usually used verbs that describe getting ready). We left and reached Hard Rock well in time for some lurking around shops, a quick grab of grub and some polite conversation at the door and in the café. I would say we spent our pre- Tegan and Sara time in the venue pretty productively. We spoke to some fanatics, took some selfies in the bathroom, bumped into some friends and made the necessary, awkward chit-chat with them, discovered some severely under-credited musicians (refer below) and bought iced-teas.
This electro-pop musician, Vivek Shraya opened for them and he was pretty darn fit- his clothes were a dream, his music an even more vivid dream and his face would be on any photographer’s wish list (those cheekbones aahhh). So he’s Indian and he is nothing like the usual drum thumping, intense metal heads like most of the Indian bands we’ve checked out (they are brilliant in their own way though and so was he). Here is a link to his facebook page and his youtube vids and stuff, have a look he does some subtly bold stuff.
So after him and some pretty itchy waiting, Tegan and Sara glided up onto the stage out of nowhere and started their thingamabob and contrary to popular opinion- they were really amusing and sounded and looked even better live. This might be really creepy but we have to add- they are so pretty, there is something so appealing about their effortless simplicity. They performed a whole bunch of some of their best stuff, there is a picture of their set list below and a few from their most recent record. Half of us bought teeshirts and groupie-d the life out of ourselves from buying CD’s to badges and changing midway. They were really fucking good and you haven’t heard them you should start. Here is a link to their facebook page and website And here are some pictures, which serve both as evidence and profile pictures from that night. Let us know what you think yeah? Kthnxbai.

Vivek Shraya^

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