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This post is about Teresa Q. She is one of the photographers that really stood out on flickr. Her pictures seem effortless, for the lack of a better. Her use of light is incredibly golden and her pictures glow. Here's her Flickr and here's her Blog.
She has a print give-away, for anyone that wants to enroll, click here. Act quick because tomorrow is the last day!

Tell us a bit about yourself.
My name is Teresa Queirós, I'm 23 years old.
My interest in photography began about 6 years ago, but it was only recently that I've been taking it more seriously. I change my interests and points of view constantly - I'm such a different person from the one I was 2 years ago. Anyways, I do believe that there are certain personality traits that remain, that are stuck to us like glue, some sort of essence, maybe. The ones that I seem to be keeping throughout the years, though, are: being creative, sensitive, honest (brutally honest, at times). I still keep my child-like sense of wonder, I'm communicative, perfectionist, open-minded - even though I'm usually firm about where I stand, so I can be a little stubborn too

How did you start photographing?
There was nothing in particular. I know it sounds pretty uninteresting, but it's true. I started by playing around doing fashion photo shoots of a friend of mine, basically. We both liked it so, we would play dress up and I would take pictures of her and she would take pictures of me. It was really fun, actually. Girls will be girls! ahaha And it just went on from there, really. 

What photographer do you look up to?
There's no way I'm able of name just one. There are so many, it's insane. But I'll try to narrow it down. On Flickr:
. Ann He -
. Alison Scarpulla -
. Laura makabresku -
. Li Hui -
. Matt Hill -
. Fatih Alkan -

What equipment do you use? Also, what program do you use to edit your pictures?
- I use a Zenit-11 and a Canon 400D. When using my Zenit-11 I barely need to edit the pictures. Usually I just twitch the colors a bit to get them just like I want them, but it's nothing much. Now, when I use digital, yeah, Photoshop CS3 is in order.

What is your inspiration?
I get inspiration from other fellow artists and from new places and new people and a pretty object... well, just about anything, really. Light is the usual common factor though, there's nothing like good light to make me want to shoot. That late afternoon light, it just brings things to life in a magical way... fills me up inside. Besides, It just seems like such a waste not to use it when it's staring me right in the face. I just have to. There's really no way to ignore it.

If you could choose to live anywhere, where would it be?
There was a time when I lived by myself in Porto, which I loved, but then I came back home. Felt good to be home for the christmas season, though. :)
As for living somewhere else, the thing is, I've never travelled anywhere else besides spain, so I don't really have means of comparison. But I do believe that when I do start travelling places, I probably won't want to come back.

Favorite painters/musicians/film makers?
Painters, I love paintings, but I rarely remember the names of the painters ahaha but Leonid Afremov, Audrey Kawasaki, Rebecca Dautremer. Musicians: Hanne Hukkelberg, Anja Garbarek, Psapp, The Raconteurs, Tom Waits, Patrick Watson, Lhasa de Sela, Panda Bear, Bon Iver - and many, many more (I'm a music addict). Film makers hum... I like Jim Jarmusch and recently a friend of mine showed me Hal Hartley's work, and I really like it as well. But I'm not big on directors names, sorry.

What music do you like to listen to?
- I mostly like indie/folk/soft and progressive rock/experimental, but I also like blues, gospel, trip-hop and chill out.

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  1. Whatever you posted is so amazing and I like your blogs a lot.
    The photos are so much enchanting and I can't wait to see more...
    What you write about yourself in the first paragraph is charming and humorous...seriously, through the art of photography you bring your passion into a very lovely and esthetic expression :)

    Lot's of congratulations for your price you have really deserve it!