Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Up Here

So here’s the deal with her (who today’s post is about)- the basics: she’s Anahita’s sister, pretty bloody hyper and generally a fun person to be around.
In more detail though, she has this woody, stiff hair that sits almost in a triangle around her shoulders, these unnaturally large, glowing eyes and a soft face that manages to compliment the rest of her. She is not thin, she is real which is why she makes one of our favorites as a model. Her name is Ambika and she is caught in suspension between a world of high fashion bright make-up and philosophical psychology. Overall, she is one of those people worth knowing or an attempt to get to know. Here’s a link to her facebook page  for anyone that wants to make her feel important or appreciate unconventional beauty.
These are some pictures we have taken over her at random times, have a look and tell us what you think?

Title: In Paris
By: Rhea

Title: Do your best and take and a rest and sing yourself a song. 
By: Rhea

Title: Polished Up
By: Anahita Paul

Title: Pretty Please?
By: Anahita Paul 

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