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Name - Kelli Murray Larson. Insanely talented illustrator/designer by day. Blogger by night. Couture maniac around the clock. We came across her work on lookbook first and instantly fell in love. Her innate style of dressing is what drew us towards her. But more than anything else, her illustrations make her stand out in a crowd of impeccably dressed lookbookers. They really do the trick. 

Her style is crisp, for the lack of a better word. She puts together a day to day wear pair of black lace shorts and polka dotted blouse with (very desirable) red heels to create an infallible look. With minimal accessories, her looks are never overpowering. On the contrary, we'd willingly give up a limb each for her wardrobe. 

We could write so much more about her but honestly, we don't know how much justice we would be doing to her art. We're just glad that we got an opportunity to interview her.

So here's a link to her lookbook-

And a link to her blog -

When did you start illustrating?
I have been "doodling" for as long as I can remember, but I started developing a style of my own some time after high school, during my years at Fashion Design School.

What got you interested? 
A friend of mine who was really into graffiti opened my eyes to the world of street art. My first very first inspirations were female artists like Fafi and Miss Van. I decided it was time to put my characters to the canvas and see what I could make of it.

Are you a graphic designer or do you illustrate by hand? 
Both. I work full time as the head designer for a clothing company called Jedidiah, based out of San Diego. Most of my work day is spent creating graphic designs, many of which start out as hand done illustrations which I then scan into the computer and finish in Photoshop. For my personal art, I prefer to stay away from the computer :)

If by hand, what medium(s) do you use? 
pencil and paper, fine tip paint brushes and india ink. For original paintings, I always work on wood panels and like to use acrylic paint...sometimes mixed media.

What do you usually illustrate? 
Girls. I LOVE drawing girls. Otherwise, I like to draw birds or sweet little animals. And any other little odds or ends I am inspired by at the moment.

What are your inspirations? 
I am inspired by the people around me, by fashion, nature, texture and all things vintage. I am inspired by the simple things in life and by the idea of hope and beauty and love.

What music do you listen to? 
I am a mellow kind of girl most of the time. I am a big fan of Bon Iver, Jonsi, Frightened Rabbit, Mumford & Sons, Animal on and so forth.

What is one odd thing that you love? 
Pickles? Or perhaps the smell of boat gas....only because it reminds me of my younger years spending my summers on the lake at my grandparents cabin in Wisconsin.

What are your favorite books/authors/poets? 
I am not much of a reader as all my free time I would rather spend drawing or painting...

Who are your favorite illustrators/lookbookers/graphic designers? 
Illustrators : Amy Sol, Charmaine Olivia, Sarah McNeil
Lookbookers : 
Coury Combs of FancyTreeHouse -
Nicole Warne of GaryPepperVintage -
Graphic Designers : 
Promise Tangeman -
Thomas Campbell -

What is your favorite look(s) out of your own on lookbook?

Has your husband affected your art?
He is my biggest he is constantly encouraging me and motivating me to keep creating what I love. I suppose maybe I am in a lovey dovey mood more often also....which results in doe eyed girls and themes of....well, love.

How do your surroundings inspire you? 
By "surroundings" I generally think of my home, Encinitas. We live 5 minutes from the ocean and Encinitas has some of the most beautiful sunsets. Instead of being inspired to draw them, it helps me to remember to count my blessings and be thankful for the life I have. Which in turn inspires me to use the gifts God has given me to the best of my ability. So in a round about way....those sunsets inspire my art almost daily. Aside from that, the tall trees and birds inspire me, the quaint little vintage shops, and also the friends I have.

What time of the day do you prefer to work? 
My creativity comes out at night. I am definitely a night owl when it comes to creating. It's also the only time I CAN paint and illustrate (my own personal art that is).

Biggest fashion and illustration pet peeve? 
Fashion: Tall bejeweled gladiator sandals. I have never understood them. 
Illustration : A pet peeve I have of my own illustrations would be knees. I just hate drawing knees. It's kind of weird. I fight through it though :)

Have you always been fashion conscious? 
Yeah, I think so. It has definitely bloomed the older I have gotten, but ever since I was a little girl I have loved dressing up and putting together outfits.

Who is your fashion idol? 
Kate Moss and Alexa Chung

What is your favorite thing in your closet? 
Right now, my Dolce Vita Platform Oxford Shoes. I am obsessed. Shoes are my downfall.
What is the one item that every girl should possess? 
Maybe it's cliche...but a little black dress. I have had the same one for about 4 years now by Alice + Olivia and I can't tell you how many times I have worn that thing!

The previous interviewee asked - Would you shave your head for charity?
Ahhh that's a hard one! I guess it depends on what the charity is supporting. If it meant A TON to me....I just might. Otherwise, I would try to think of a way that could support them even more so than shaving my head. That's an odd question. Haha.

What should we ask the next interviewee? 
If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

What do you want to do with the rest of your life? 
Have babies, be a mommy, create art, inspire others, and live happily ever after with my husband!

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