Friday, November 12, 2010

shush and listen.

Alright, so I haven't really taken permission from the person that this post is about so I don't know if it will survive too long, she knows intimate blogging details and might delete this but here goes nothing.
She is partner to this blog and is my karma sister, we run parallel with everything. Her name is Rhea and she went through this phase of calling herself Iman which tells quite a bit of her- she is a million different people from one day to the next (in a good, wanting to know way).
She loves everything most teenagers do- music, blogging, literature, photography, the internet and looking pretty but not the way everyone else does. She loves it like most people don't, youknowwhatimean? Like the way my puppy loves potatoes more than beef sticks. With her, there are these massive sheets and when you know her, you think you've read them all, but that isn't even the start of them. There are more of them than the population that floods this Earth that are still waiting to be unravelled. It is a constant play with her to know a bit more. Good stuff though.
And contrary to popular opinion, she is a hopeless romantic, undeniably and well disguised.
To list out a few of her favorite things- New York City, abstract/ conceptual photography, behaviorism, Ugly Betty, her own teeth, Vampire Weekend, bottle green, hippies, lemon cheesecake, thick eyeliner, Seth Rogan, extreme cold, pizza burning her mouth, talking to strangers, the Delhi Metro, Otago, her sister.

Here are some pictures of her, she shoots variety rather than static, conventionally thought of beautiful pictures.

Title: I have sunshine in a bag.
By: Anahita Paul

Title: Look I'm not an intellectual, I just take photographs.
By: Anahita Paul

And for everyone that doesn't know her but thinks they do, be prepared to feel judgmental for creating something that you will soon know not to be sure.
I really want to post her facebook link here but I know she will flip out, so I'm going to avoid.

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